PRESS RELEASE: X-Screen™ is officially patented!

X-Screen™ is officially patented!

As the exclusive agent for Quadratica in Australia, Australian Frontline Solutions (AFS)  are proud to announce that X-Screen™ has now been issued with an official patent, meaning that the technology behind the system has been recognised as being unique in its’ ability to present X-Ray images to the student. We are delighted that X-Screen™ has had the official stamp of approval by the UK Patent Office, and you can be safe in the knowledge that Quadratica UK will continue to strive to make sure that X-Screen™ continues to be the best X-Ray training system available.

The technology behind X-Screen™ has long been acknowledged as being at the forefront of training delivery, especially now with the the latest version being completely browser based; meaning no local installation is required. The updated user interface has been designed in such a way that using X-Screen™ is even more simple and easy to use. Consequently, the speed and agility with which a user can create images and assign multiple courses to students is unrivaled.

The image library of X-Screen™ is constantly updated with the latest items and threats so the student can be kept up to date with any new items as they become available. Machine types are also developed as they are required so students will never be trained in an environment they are not accustomed to. After all, why would you have your operators using a system that looks completely different to the X-Ray machine they use?

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