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Endorsement From Sensational Sydney Cruises

from To whom it may concern,

I have been associated with Matt Harrison for over two years and met through mutual business associates at a tourism conference called ATE.

At the time, Matt was launching Secure Tours.  His business module has many synergies, that fall in line with Sensational Sydney Cruises values; promoting high end, high yielding, International, Domestic, Corporate and Leisure travellers.

Being part of this STAT Accreditation, will allow Sensational Sydney Cruises to become a distinguished supplier of a luxury product.

By having a luxury premier feature, it will increase bookings and have us stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Through the assessment process, Matt and his team were able to identify procedures that could be adjusted.  In fact, this instigated myself to formulating a restructure of my business.

Sensational Sydney Cruises has a Hundred Million Dollar Public Liability Insurance Policy, and with this extra safety and security, allows us to provide our guests the best possible outcome when traveling.

Having been awarded at 5 star rating, Sensational Sydney Cruises can be confident in providing a high end/luxury product.

We would highly recommend these services.

Kind Regards

Shawn Buttling