Corporate Security

Concierge/Customer Service

  • Maintain standards of service in all dealings with staff, contractors, visitors and the public
  • Physical patrol of grounds and buildings
  • Supervision of all entry and exit points to the building and maintaining all related records
  • Escorting staff and visitor
  • After hours telephone reception

Building Management

  • Conduct audits and daily reconciliation’s of keys and passes
  • Equipment installation and maintenance
  • Asset protection
  • Assist with general cleanliness and the reporting of graffiti

  Systems Management

  • Work closely with clients to identify cost saving and service improvement opportunities
  • Operate and monitor security video, access control, building management, fire and related systems
  • Operate PC-based equipment, including the issue of approved electronic cards for access and identification purposes

Emergency & Contingency Planning

Our risk assessors conduct regular OH&S inspections for business, residential and corporate clients. We also conduct emergency evacuation testing for business, residential and corporate clients. We compile and write emergency response procedures and standard operation procedures based upon the results from the emergency testing.

We also have specialist asset protectors that are trained in first aid, WH&S and emergency evacuation.

Our risk assessors can provide a contingency plan for businesses, individuals and corporate clients in the worst case scenario of a fire, building collapse, flood or explosion. The contingency plan will allow you to have peace of mind and be able to implement the plan when the need arises.

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