Party Smart – Stay Safe

Hiring professional security for your next event can take the worry off your hands in ensuring your party or function runs as smoothly as possible – and that you, your guests, and your assets remain safe and of course have a good time.

Make sure your party is remembered for all the right reasons. AFS have experience in planning and running security at events of all sizes. Call us today 1300 660 164.

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The festive season is upon us and a host or organiser,  it is your responsibility to ensure your guests party safe. The following information will  provide you with key points you need to know to party smart and stay safe whether you are holding a formal celebration, birthday party or New Years function

 Planning your party

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Register your Party with Police

It’s a good idea to contact the police to register your party with them. The police will be able to provide safe partying tips, let you know of noise regulations, and can help you if the party gets out of control. If you hire AFS Security at your event we will ‘register’ your event and liaise with Police on you behalf.

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Know the Risks, your Rights and Responsibilities

alcohol | breaking the law | cyber crime | sex | driving | violence | drugs | parties | offensive behaviour | legal advice | someone to talk to| 

Party goers

Parents here are some great sites for your children to look at that provide some basic information of some of the basic laws that apply to them and their friends when they are partying – Even if they have not turned 18. Most of these laws will apply to them and some strategies to help them navigate through this rite of passage.*

> MyNite 

> Kids Helpline 


>  Party Smart – Stay Safe Checklist – Download 

Security Services at Your Function

A minimum of two licenced security guards is recommended for any function for up to 100 people. An extra security guard is required for every additional 50 people or part there of.

This is the minimum recommended ratio of security personnel to invited guests. For higher risk locations or events, the number of guards may need to be increased.

The licenced security guards will patrol the external perimeter of the premises to ensure there is no one loitering outside the function. They will have two way radio communications with each other if required to ensure the safety and security of you, your guests and your home or venue.

If alcohol is being served then we highly recommend that you only have people with a current Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate serving behind the bar area.


Price per licenced security guard is:       $55.00 per hour   (min. 4 hours each)

Price per RSA certified bar attendant is: $40.00 per hour   (min. 4 hours each)

All prices are subject to a 10% Government GST charge. 
Services Included

 All of our security guards are licenced and experienced.
 Temporary signage to advertise that you have security in attendance.
 Two way radio communication between security and our bar staff.
 We liaise with local police to let them know we are attending the function and ‘register’ your event with them on your behalf.
 We have patrol cars on the road in the event of an emergency.**
 Hand held metal detectors if required.**
 Wrist bands to identify legal drinkers and/or genuine inviteees are available.**

 AFS caters for all size parties. Call us today 1300 660 164



*links are provided as a resource for parents and partygoers from repeatable sources. AFS can not be held accountable for information provided on external sites.

**additional charges may apply.