First Aid Courses


Important – Unique Student Identifier (USI)

If you are undertaking nationally recognised training you will need to have a USI from 1st January 2015.

It is FREE and easy for you to create your own USI online.

Under the legislation training organisations can only issue certification when they have received your USI. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR YOUR USI

Courses marked with an * involve pre-course study – Click here to find which option will suit your needs. 



Course CodeCourse NameLinkBrochure
HLTAID001Provide Cardiopulmonary ResuscitationView CourseDownload

Advanced Resuscitation

Course CodeCourse NameLink
HLTAID007Provide Advanced Resuscitation View Course

First Aid

Course CodeCourse NameLinkBrochure
HLTAID003*Provide First Aid View CourseDownload
HLTAID006*Provide Advance First Aid View Course


Course CodeCourse NameLinkBrochure
HLTAID004*Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care SettingView CourseDownload
22282VIC & 22300VIC*Childcare – Asthma (22282VIC) and Anaphylaxis (22300VIC) combinedView CourseDownload
22300VIC*Course in First Aid Management in AnaphylaxisView Course
22282VICCourse in the Management of Asthma Risks and Emergencies in the WorkplaceView Course

Emergency Life Support

Course CodeCourse NameLink
HLTAID002*Provide Basic Emergency Life SupportView Course

Non Accredited First Aid

Course CodeCourse NameLink
FAST for KIDS – First Aid and Safety TrainingView Course
Baby Talk – First Aid Awareness View Course
Resuscitation Mask

Industry Specific First Aid

Course CodeCourse NameLink
We can tailor a first aid course to make scenarios particularly relevant to your industry  

Re-qualification Courses

Course CodeCourse NameLink
Requalification Courses
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